The Collaborative Economy Library community is made up of academics, experts and practitioners who are passionate about the collaborative and sharing economy and its impacts on society. Our members connect us to emerging research, ensure the publications included on the site are of the highest quality, and help disseminate new ideas through their networks and communities.

Elizabeth Douet

Elizabeth Douet is a digital communications consultant leveraging innovation, diversity and a global
network to help businesses, individuals and communities across Europe meet complex digital
transformation challenges. She is also founding team leader of Sharing Economy Ireland, a non-profit industry association created for sustainable development of Ireland’s collaborative economy. Main areas of interest are future of work, social impact and community development.


Keisha Taylor

Keisha is pursuing a PhD in Web Science at the University of Southampton, researching entrepreneurship on web platforms. She is a director for CADSTI UK, was an Internet Society Fellow to the OECD Technology Foresight Forum on Big Data, Policy Fellow for Access, DiploFoundation Fellow to the UN’s IGF and a Senior Manager for TechSoup. She also holds an MSc in Web Science, an MA in International Relations and a BSc in Sociology.


Aurore Dandoy

Aurore is a PhD student at University of PSL-Paris Dauphine, working on the “Challenges of the Emergence and Sustainability of Communities in a Transitional Context, the case of coworking spaces” project. This research aims to deepen the understanding of the community in coworking spaces through the particular role of the community manager. @AuroreDandoy

Matteo Antonini

Matteo Antonini is a postdoctoral fellow at IDEaCT, User Experience Unit, at the University of Rome Sapienza. He is a social psychologist working on cultural psychological models applied to new technologies and user experience within the sharing economy as well as to participatory governance models. He worked at the European Commission’s JRC and collaborated with the Social Identity Lab at the Claremont Graduate University, US,

Rachel Botsman

Rachel is a co-founder of the Collaborative Economy Library and author of What’s Mine is Yours, in which she defined the theory of collaborative consumption. Her forthcoming book, Who Can You Trust? focuses on how the rise of new technologies is enabling “distributed trust.” She is a regular writer and commentator in leading publications including Harvard Business Review, Economist, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Wired, and more.


Raquel Alexandra Valongo Félix

Raquel is a psychologist with experiences as a researcher, project manager, community manager, and strategic human-centered design. She helps companies, organisations and teams solve complex challenges by finding real needs and applying innovative solutions, through blended methods grounded in psychology, design thinking, and technology. Her main areas of interest in the collaborative economy are community and government. @RaquelVFelix

Ivana Pais

Ivana Pais is Associate Professor in Economic Sociology at Università Cattolica, Milano. Her primary areas of interest in the sharing economy are about the role of social capital, social networks, reputation and trust.  Her recent publications include “Sharing Economy: A Step towards the Re-Embeddedness of the Economy?” and “Collaborative Economy and the Digitalization of Timebanking: Opportunities and Challenges.” @ivanapais

Sabine Benoit

Sabine Benoit (born Moeller) has been researching consumer behaviour in the collaborative economy since 2010. Her findings on the “burdens of ownership” show that trend and convenience orientation drive collaborative consumption, but ecological awareness doesn’t. Her research on customer misbehaviour in the collaborative economy show that it can be contagious. Sabine is a Professor of Marketing at Surrey Business School and regularly collaborates with companies within her research projects. @sabine_benoit

Koen Frenken

Koen Frenken is Full Professor in Innovation Studies at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. He works on institutional and geographical aspects of the sharing economy and the gig economy including social norms, regulations, and government policies. He is also interested in the scaling strategies of platforms, both profit and non-profit. Finally, he looks at sustainability issues of sharing. @KFrenken

Pieter van de Glind

Pieter van de Glind is a co-founder of the Collaborative Economy Library and shareNL. He advises startups, companies, cities, and governments, and frequently brings them together to create impact. Pieter is also one of the initiators of Amsterdam Sharing City and of the global Sharing Cities Alliance. He is a member of the advisory board of Sharing City Seoul.


Genea Canelles

Genea Canelles is a PhD candidate at IHS. Her research focuses on new regulatory systems that foster relationships between communities and local governments. Genea’s areas of expertise include governance, participation dynamics and decision making processes, shareholder involvement and information exchange in multilevel governance.

Dianzhuo Zhu

Dianzhuo Zhu is currently a PHD student in  Université Paris Dauphine (Paris 9). She also works inside a ride sharing start up (a “company thesis” in France). She is interested in sharing economy participants’ motivations and behaviors, focused on the ride sharing sector.