In recent years, the rise of the sharing economy has surfaced many thorny issues regarding participation, privacy, and power. This EU Horizon 2020 research project, led by a consortium of international researchers from Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, and Switzerland, is dedicated to elevating public debate and finding the right mix of policies and practices to address these challenges. As a first step, the consortium has released in-depth literature reviews on the state of research on the three core topics of participation, privacy and power in the sharing economy.


  1. Participation in the Sharing Economy
    (Alberta Andreotti, Guido Anselmi, Thomas Eichhorn, Christian Pieter Hoffmann, Marina Micheli)


  1. Privacy in the Sharing Economy
    (Giulia Ranzini, Michael Etter, Christoph Lutz, Ivar Vermeulen)


  1. Power in the Sharing Economy
    (Gemma Newlands, Christoph Lutz, Christian Fieseler)