Submit Research

The library sources and curates the highest quality research being conducted on different aspects of the collaborative and sharing economy from around the world. We want you to be able to find what you need and to feel confident about the reliability of facts, findings and sources.

How do you decide what gets posted?

The goal is quality. We do not post everything we find or that gets submitted by the community. Every piece posted has gone through a thorough review process to ensure that it meets the following criteria:

  • Directly related to the collaborative or sharing economy
  • Authored by a credible source
  • Reviewed, fact-checked and submitted by a credible institution/individual, or has a clearly described research methodology
  • Widely available online in a readable format
  • Presents interesting and useful findings and insights
  • Clearly states which institution or body has funded or sponsored the study


What types of studies and reports are included in the library?

Studies included are business school case studies, industry research, government reports, impact studies and consumer studies. We do not include news articles, interviews, blog posts, company announcements or event information.


Can I submit my research?

Definitely. Please submit a study for review using the form below. If the study has not been submitted before and meets the review guidelines, you will be notified when it will be posted.

Can I submit a non-English language study?

Yes, however we do require an abstract in English. If the submitted study has not undergone peer review, it may take a while for your study to be posted, as an appropriate community member will have to be found to review it.